Opening and saving GS-Base databases (saved as *.xls workbooks)

To save a workbook in the *.xlsx/*.xls/*.xml format

Use the File > Save As command and choose the Excel (*.xlsx, *.xml) format from the File of type list.

Note (1): As of version 20.0 some xlsx file information is not yet converted. Specifically, using tables references defined in worksheets is not yet supported. Formulas like:

=Meals[[#This Row],[Budget]]-Meals[[#This Row],[Actual]]

are loaded and saved with their values, but not updated.

Note (2): Although the old xls files are still supported, GS-Calc uses them mainly as data tables with records. It loads/saves only column formatting and formula values.

In the Save GS-Base File dialog box specify the following options:


To open a GS-Base file saved in the *.xlsx/*.xls format

Use the File > Open command and choose the GS-Base (*.xlsx, *.xls) format from the File of type list.


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