Formatting: Using Cell Style Palettes

A cell style is a set of formatting properties (font, data style, borders, background), used to display a single cell.
Style palettes are collections of all cell styles that are currently in-use by all tables/worksheets in a given workbook (excluding charts and other inserted objects). Style palettes dynamically change as you perform various formatting actions.

GS-Calc enables you to modify all properties of existing style palette entries. In particular, you can also edit the default cell style, changing the appearance of all cell worksheets. For example, if you change the background color for that default cell style, all cells that don't have any specific background set by a user will use that color to display their interiors.

GS-Calc provides various options for creating, editing and managing style palette. The related menus and commands are available either in the resizable Format > Style Palette window or in the Format > Cell Format dialog box if the Format > Advanced Cell Format Dialog Options > Show Style Lists option is checked.