Printing and print previewing

By default, after choosing the Print command, GS-Calc prints the entire current worksheet using content options/settings specified in the Print Worksheet > Content dialog.

To print a range of cells

Select the desirable range and choose the Selection option in the Print Worksheet > General dialog.

To print selected pages

specify the list of pages in in the Print Worksheet > General dialog.
The list can contain single pages or page ranges separated by commas. For example: 1,2,4-8,10

To print an inserted chart or image

Select (click) the desirable object before choosing the Print command. When printing a chart, it'll be stretched/shrunk to fit the printed page.

To include a worksheet name, page number, date etc. in the printed pages headers and footers

In the Print > Layout dialog box, enter the header/footer text inserting the following special codes:

&pPrints the current page number
&p+numberPrints the current page number plus 'number'
&p-numberPrints the current page number minus 'number'
&fPrints the full file path
&aPrints the name of the worksheet
&dPrints the current date
&tPrints the current time
&&Prints a single ampersand

To change the view scale in the print-preview window

Click the Zoom In button and pressing the right mouse button select a rectangle that should be zoom in.