Selecting cells, navigation, scrolling, key shortcuts

To select a range of cells

Do one of the following:

Workbook window navigation keys/shortcuts


Print preview navigation keys/shortcuts

Use the standard cursor keys (Up, Down, Left, Right, PgUp, PgDn, PgUp+Alt, PgDn+Alt).
The Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn shortcuts cause jumping to the previous/next preview page.

Other shortcuts

Ctrl+BBold font
Ctrl+IItalic font
Ctrl+UUnderline font
Ctrl+TStrikeout font
F6 Next pane in the following order:
1. Worksheet tree (if it's visible)
2. Worksheet window
4. Inspect cells (if it's visible)
Ctrl+F6 Opening/closing worksheet tree pane

To jump to the desirable cell/range

To use the 'auto-scroll' function

Click the worksheet window using the mouse wheel button and choose the desirable scrolling speed and direction by moving the mouse cursor around the clicked point.