Filtering tables

The easiest way to specify filters in the FILTER() function is to use the "Format > Search Expression" style for the cells containing filters.

If you want to access and construct search expressions directly e.g. by your formulas, you need to use them as plain text cells in the following form:


where elements in [,] brackets are optional.


Each cell in the filters parameter in the FILTER() function contains a single filter. That filters parameter can be also entered directly as an array within the FILTER() formula, like:

=Filter(B2:H100000, B1:H1, "", 0)

=Filter(B1:H100000, {"a:tom","n1+:","","a:new"}, "", 3, "no records")

=Filter(B1:H100000, {"a:tom";"";"";"a:new"}, "sheet1", 2)