Entering data: Editing, selecting and filling cells

To enter new cell contents

Do one of the following:

If you set some numeric or date/time format for a given cell, GS-Calc will try to interpret the data according to that format. If this fails, all the remaining formats will be tried out.

If a given cell is unformatted, GS-Calc will try out all subsequent standard formats. The date/time format has precedence over the fractional format.

If the Auto-formatting option is turned on, the matching format will become the new format of the edited cell unless the cell was formatted using a user-defined style.

To enter numeric values as text labels use one of the following:

To select a range of cells

Use the SHIFT key with coursor keys or the left mouse button. You can also enter a given range in the "Go To" edit field on the main tooblar and press the Enter key or button. The list of the recently entered selections is attached to that Enter toolbar button.

To delete cell contents and/or attributes

Select a given cell or a range of cells and press Del. By default, GS-Calc displays a dialog box enabling you to choose which data should be deleted: numeric data, textual data, formulas, formatting, drop-down lists or comments. You can you turn it off and display that dialog only when Ctrl+Del is pressed.
Alternatively you can press Backspace to delete both the content and any other data at once.

To move/copy cell contents or a range

Place the mouse cursor on the top border of the selection and drag the entire cell/range to the desirable location.
If you want to copy the selection, press and hold down the Ctrl key.

To paste cells choosing data from a list of recent Copy command results

Use the Settings > Options command and specify the Copy/Paste Level. The valid range is 1-16. Subsequent Copy command results will be retained in memory up to that level in a cycling manner. The list of data available for pasting is attached to the Paste button.
To paste only textual data, press and hold down the Shift key when choosing a given item to paste.

To fill a given range with some values, use one of the follwing:

  1. Copy the source cell or range, select the destination range and paste the copied data.
  2. Select the destination range and enter the value in the toolbar combo box.
  3. Select the destination range and use the Insert > Series command. See Inserting Series

To use a drop-down list to enter data

Use the Tools > List command and specify which list should be used for a given cell(s). The same list can be shared by any number of cells in any number of worksheets in one document. One workbook can contain up to 255 lists. The number of list items is unlimited.

To use a "Date and Time Picker" control to enter data

The control is displayed by default for each cell that is formatted as "Date" and doesn't have any drop-down list attached to it at the same time. This feature can be turned off by clearing the Settings > Options > Use Date Picker checkbox. The following shortcuts key be used with that control:
Arrows keysChanging the active control field and changing control field values
End and HomeSetting the maksimum and minimum values for the current field of the control
Plus and MinusIncrementing/decrementing the value of the current control field
Alt+DownDisplays the "Month Calendar" control. Same as clicking the "drop-down" arrow
PageUp, PageDownIf the "Month Calendar" control is active, moves to the previous/next month