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GS-Calc is a spreadsheet that lets you track your expenses and incomes, sales, quickly edit huge text files and databases as well as perform the most demanding statistical calculations and data analysis.
  • 12 million rows x 4,096 columns.
  • A unique feature of organizing worksheets in a tree form.
  • Efficient memory usage to quickly load and save large files.
    (Up to) Many times faster processing of large files and often many times lower memory usage for large files than in other popular spreadsheets.
  • Fast pivot tables, optimization and other advanced statistical functions.
  • Using up to 16 processor cores during calculations.
  • A unique feature of working in up to 100 synchronized panes to boost your productivity.
  • GS-Calc can be installed on any portable device and used without performing any registry modifications.
  • Two optional native file formats: Open Document *.ods spreadsheet format and exceptionally fast and compact binary format which - thanks to various data patterns analysis - enables you to generate even tens of times smaller files than those saved by other popular spreadsheets.
  • Extensive match/look-up functionality for more precise and fastest possible searching. Regular expressions.
  • Support for JScripts & VBScripts. Organizing scripts hierarchically in trees.
  • 2D/XY and 3D charts capable of handling very large amounts of data.
  • Saving workbooks to PDF: saving entire workbooks, single worksheets, ranges or single charts to compact PDF files.
  • A complete set of functions to import, export and convert data in the text, dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro, Excel XML file formats.
  • Around 300 built-in formulas including specialized numerical functions: matrix decompositions; linear equation sets with improving iterations; least squares (weighted, constrained), regression with orthogonal polynomials; time series analysis; minimization; linear programming, integer programming and quadratic programming.
Version: 16.6  64-bit
File size: 2.99MB
System: Vista/7/8.x/10 64-bit
Trial version limitations
Version: 16.3.2  32-bit
File size: 2.6MB
System: XP/Vista/7/8.x/10 32-/64-bit
Trial version limitations
Free upgrades for 12 months

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Softpedia Editors' rating 5.0/5:
5 out of 5
GS-Calc 11.4

CNET Editors' rating 4.5/5:
4.5 out of 5
GS-Calc 8.0

Tucows Editors' rating 4.0/5:
4 out of 5
GS-Calc 6.0

Other awards

Browse and edit your data in configurable panes
featuring various viewing/scrolling synchronization options.

Analyze your data using pivot table formulas capable
of handling up to 12 millions rows and 4096 columns.

Quickly format your workbooks using configurable
format dialog boxes and custom style lists.

Easily create sophisticated 2D- and 3D-chart types
capable of presenting a vast number of data points.