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GS-Base is a database that can be used for various purposes thanks to its scalability: from creating photo albums to managing (transforming, splitting, merging, normalizing) large, multi-GB data sets.

  • Up to 256 million records in one table; 16,384 fields in one record.
    When filtering and loading CSV / text files, you can process files of any size and with any number of records regardless of the amount of RAM.
  • Any number of tables in one file; tables in nested subfolders.
  • Text, Numeric, Long Text / Memo fields, binary / image fields, code fields for snippets with syntax highlighting for many programming languages.
  • Efficient memory usage to quickly load, edit and save large files.
    → Examples.
  • Several record filtering methods, searching for duplicates and for unique values, search-as-you-type, full-text searches, fuzzy searches and one-click statistical breakdown analysis.
  • Performing any types of table joins and the opposite functions: easy automatic normalization (splitting) of tables with single clicks.
  • Around 300 built-in calculation function used for calculated fields and data validation. Formulas to obtain aggregated field values and statistics from other tables. Extracting and processing EXIF tags from photos. Any number of mini-charts in fields.
  • Searching for file duplicates, for duplicated photos and mp3/mp4 files; listing and monitoring all file changes on disks or in folders;
    adding any type of metadata to files and much more.
  • Pivot tables with up to 256 million records and 16,384 columns with advanced data calculation functions.
  • Instant calculation of running totals and moving averages with weights in columns.
  • Definable number (1 to 100) of processor cores used for searching, field and pivot table calculations.
  • Small RAM usage and great speed - you can expect importing e.g. a 1GB *.csv file in several seconds.
  • Easy database synchronization: (un-)merging records from other users' databases, batch database/record updates based on other databases/tables.
  • Fast and convenient creating the one-to-many relations, linking individual records by hyperlinks.
  • Easy to use JScript and VBscript scripting extending GS-Base functionality:
    automatic merging records or tables from folders with Excel, text and other files.
    Mass adding, updating, merging and joining tables from folders with several millions of records can take e.g. a couple of tens of seconds.
  • Printing serial forms, letters/reports and any type of mailing labels.
  • Sending serial personalized e-mail messages with customized attachments.
  • Using multi-GB CSV/text, dBase/Clipper/FoxPro, MySQL (*.sql), SQLite *.db, HTML, PDF files.
  • Editing existing files in their own file formats, without conversion and without changing their parameters.
  • Loading/edting/saving Excel *.xlsx and *.xls workbooks; databases containing tables with records exceeding the *.xlsx and *.xls row limits are automatically split and saved (or loaded and merged) either as multiple xlsx/xls workbooks or as multiple worksheets in one workbook.
  • Verifying www links/URLs.
  • Listing all files from folders and disks. Monitoring file changes. Finding file duplicates, finding similar photo, music, video files and file duplicates, filtering files by EXIF tags and multimedia (e.g. mp3/mp4) tags.
  • A password generator.
  • VBScript and JScript scripting (e.g. to automatically merge/split/edit a large number of tables and database files). Direct COM programming.
  • Multiple panes displaying synchronized tables, forms, memo fields and pivot tables.
  • Convenient plain zip file format enabling users to view and modify records, tables and embedded files/images even without using GS-Base.
  • Strong standard password protection and encryption. AutoSave and AutoClose.
  • Easy one-click optional editing of the RTF (rich text) memo field contents in external applications.
  • Easy one-click editing of any embedded images and files in external applications.
  • Optional system spell checker for selected fields.
  • Support for various methods of entering Unicode characters.
  • GS-Base can be installed on any portable storage device and used without performing any registry modifications.
    Fully offline - doesn't need internet connection.

Version: 20.2 64-bit
File size: 5.46MB
System: Vista/7/8.x/10/11 64-bit
Trial version limitations
Free upgrades for 12 months or for life

→ PDF Help

→ HTML Online Help Documentation

→ What's new in GS-Base 20.2

Store any type of data and display
it in configurable, synchronized view panes.

Optional dark/night mode to reduce the harmful
blue light and to help with eye strain.

Cross highlighting to make viewing/editing
tables easier and faster.

Create complex search filters with ease. Use definable
record flags to select and look up records.

Analyze your data using pivot tables containing
up to 256 millions of rows and 16,384 columns.

Use multi-column drop-down lists with up to 256 million items based on static data
or dynamic lists containing filtered (unique) table fields values.

Use nearly 300 formulas to create calculated fields
and advanced search expressions.

Encrypt either entire files or just individual fields in your tables and allow
others to edit the data without any risk of viewing or changing the encrypted fields.

Use tables or automatic forms to browse and edit records.

Display images and objects in tables cells, forms and in the image/files view panes.

Print serial letters with embedded Memo and Images/Files fields and any type of mailing labels.

Verify up to 256 millions of files in folders or entire disks;
search for file duplicates; monitor all file changes and search them;
add any type of metadata to files and much more.

Load multi-GB CSV / text files in seconds. Use input filters to process files of any size
and any number of records. Edit, save text files in-place.
Convert fields however you want to or without any conversions.

Load / edit / save / create largest XLSX files.
Split datasets exceeding the XLSX 1M row limit however you want
and merge the result back.

Using SHA-256 checksums verify whether the data remain unmodified
e.g. when switching the file format.

Send mass email messages, each with customized form with the inserted recipients' fields
and each with individually chosen file attachments.

Loading progress.
Sample performance when opening CSV files.

Playing MP3's freely filtered or randomly selected from large sets.