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GS-Calc is a full featured spreadsheet with unique capabilities for processing big data sets.
You can edit large CSV files with millions of rows, XLSX files that are automatically split and merged, build complex data models e.g. with millions of look-up formulas that are opened/updated almost instantly and clean, transform, publish multi-gigabyte data sets.
  • 32 million rows x 16,384 columns.
    The number of worksheets and subfolders is unlimited. No limit for the file size.
    Large text, CSV files exceeding the 32M/16K limits are automatically split into multiple sheets and saved together in one zip.
  • Organizing worksheets in a tree form and creating 3D array cell references for worksheets in a given subfolder (by specifying only the folder path in the reference).
  • Optimized to process large files. GS-Calc easily outperforms other existing spreadsheet solutions and redefines what the term "large data set" means for desktop software.

    → Performance examples.

    GS-Calc vs Excel (for data sets only within the 1M Excel limit):

    • Loading text files should be around 10-20 times (or more) faster in GS-Calc.
    • Copying/pasting/filling large data blocks should be on average from several times faster in GS-Calc. For blocks containing formulas this can increase to tens of times or more.
    • Performing VLOOKUP and MATCH for newly pasted/entered data in large data sets can be executed from several times and up (possibly hundreds of times) faster in GS-Calc.
    • GS-Calc workbooks saved in its binary file format are a few times (and up) times smaller than files in the Excel XLSB binary file format and can be accordingly faster.
  • Fast pivot tables with up to 32 million rows, built-in reports, many functions and filtering options.
  • Monte Carlo Simulations to easily estimate risk in business, costs, future pensions or simply to reverse-calculate formulas etc.
  • Mass modifying/adding/removing parameters/arguments used by functions in large workbooks without the risk of making mistakes in long formulas.
  • VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, UNIQUE, FILTER functions using fast binary searching to ensure the best performance for worksheets with millions of rows.
    For example, one million vlookup() functions in a table with a few million rows can be updated almost instantly even on a slow, old pc with 8GB RAM.
  • No limitations for using cell references to external closed workbooks in all functions including the INDIRECT() function and functions written and added by users.
    Closed workbooks are automatically opened in the background when updating formulas and can either remain open in the background for best speed or can be automatically closed to save memory so that only one is loaded at a time.
  • Use of regular expressions in the look-up and text functions and in the Find and Replace function.
  • The FILTER() function to quickly filter millions of rows (and/or to perform multi-key sorting and searches for duplicates).
  • Charts easily handling millions of data points with custom vertical and horizontal (grid-)lines.
  • Fully configurable cross-highlighting to ensure the best screen readability.
  • No limitations for the number of hyperlinks and its usage. Workbook hyperlinks created instantly by the Copy/Paste commands.
    No limitations for conditional formatting - you can instantly create and efficiently use millions of rules.
  • Users can specify from 1 to 64 processor cores to be used by GS-Calc for calculations.
  • Around 450 built-in functions. Users can add their own DLL libraries with new functions or functions replacing the default ones, with the same performance, dynamic array and multi-core calculations.
  • Each single worksheet window can be split into up to 100 panes (with optionally synchronized rows and/or columns scrolling) to display various regions of that worksheet or other worksheets.
  • JScript and VBscript scripts making it easy to mass-merge tables and records from csv/text/xlsx/xbase/MySQL/SQLite files.
  • Two optional native file formats: Open Document *.ods spreadsheet format and exceptionally fast and compact binary format which - thanks to various data patterns analysis - enables you to generate even tens of times smaller files than those saved by other popular spreadsheets.
  • Loading/editing/saving tables with millions of rows saved as Excel *.xlsx and *.xls workbooks; tables with rows exceeding the *.xlsx and *.xls row limits are automatically split and saved (or loaded and merged) either as multiple xlsx/xls files or as multiple worksheets in one workbook.
  • Loading/editing/saving CSV, text, xls, xlsx, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, MySQL, SQLite files with up to 32 million rows (and up to 1 million columns for text files);
    all existing files are edited in-place, without changing their format or parameters/structure.
  • Verifying data integrity with SHA256 checksums when switching between file formats.
  • Support for JScripts & VBScripts. Organizing scripts hierarchically in trees.
  • 2D/XY and 3D charts handling millions of data points instantly.
  • Saving workbooks to PDF: saving entire workbooks, single worksheets, ranges or single charts to compact PDF files.
  • Specialized numerical functions: matrix decompositions; linear equation sets with improving iterations; least squares (weighted, constrained), regression with orthogonal polynomials; time series analysis; minimization; linear programming, integer programming and quadratic programming.
  • GS-Calc can be installed on any portable storage device and used without performing any registry modifications. Fully offline - doesn't need internet connection.

Version: 20.7  64-bit
File size: 5.72MB
System: 7/8.x/10/11 64-bit
Trial version limitations
Free upgrades for 12 months or for life

→ GS-Calc PDF Manual/Help

→ HTML Online Help Documentation

→ What's new in GS-Calc 20.7

Browse and edit your data in configurable panes
featuring various viewing/scrolling synchronization options.

Use pivot tables with up to 32 millions rows and 16384 columns, either as formulas
or in separate panes.

Use fast, multi-column drop-down lists with up to 32 million items.

Create Filter() formulas with a single click. All data is already formatted and you can instantly
filter millions of records, sort or find duplicates. Use regular expr., patterns, relations etc.
Automatically created hyperlinks to the source data make jumping to the data and back easy.

Any number of in-cells charts with up to 32 million data
point series.

Add any number of your own functions (or replace existing ones) like
the included sample fractal() formulas.

Use JScript and VBscript scripts stored directly in workbooks or as global resources.

Configure up to 100 (opt. synchronized by rows and/or columns) panes
for each worksheet. Add automatic functions for selections.

Adjust any options to load CSV/Text files, split large sheets and merge them back
when using XLSX files. Edit all formats in-place same as the native GS-Calc format.

Easily create XY/2D/3D. Add multiple X/Y axes with various scales, scaled error-bars,
custom grid-lines. Generate series with formulas returning arrays/vectors.
Update charts with millions of data points instantly.